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Juan Jose

Juan Jose tells himself he’s straight, but he has been screwing around with everybody for few years now, but always with that manly attitude that we love!

Juan is a Bisexual 20 year old hot Dominican top and is 5 feet 9 inches tall . He prefers bareback, and when his hot sticky wad cums you can be sure he is going to try to give you a facial. So if you like men that act like we are merely sex objects then this is your boy. When he’s done, you will feel like you’ve been used and tossed aside.

Maximo Rafael

This model is a bisexual top. He’s quite the manly type, very dominant, but a lot of fun, and we all like him. He likes to make you gag with his dick and to sit on top of your chest while fucking your mouth. Like I said, the boy likes to control what is going to happen and is always pulling tricks on his partners while having sex. Maximo works in an internet cafe.